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Palo Santo

Happen Studio

Palo Santo, the "sacred wood" of South America, is rich in essential oils and gives off a pleasant scent of eucalyptus, pine, mint and lavender when burnt.

Light one end of the piece of wood and place it in a fireproof bowl. The pleasant scent will spread in the room and the embers will go out after a short time.

The smoking of resinous wood goes back to a millennia-old tradition of shamans and is considered one of the oldest healing rituals. The Palo Santo fragrance is said to have a calming and even healing effect, it purifies stifling spaces and stimulates creativity. Less mystical, but certainly just as effective the scent acts against insects and mosquitoes.

Our Palo Santo comes exclusively from fallen branches of dead trees from sustainable management. The packaging is made of recycled paper, which we printed with our old Heidelberg crucible.

*Box contains 3 sticks

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