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Laøri Alcohol-Free


Laøri's mission is to craft a taste experience that delivers the same level of exquisite delight found in alcoholic beverages.

Laori Juniper No. 1 is an entirely alcohol-free alternative to gin.
Fresh. Delicious. Naturally. Botanicals such as juniper, cardamom and lavender give Laori its unique aroma. Best enjoyed as an alcohol-free gin & tonic.


Laori Spice No 2 is the non-alcoholic alternative to rum. Mild spice meets velvety vanilla. Selected botanicals such as oak, pineapple and coffee give Laori No 2 a complex depth and a unique taste reminiscent of rum. Its full aroma only unfolds in a delicious drink like the Dark and Stormy with fresh lime. Get inspired by more recipes here.

Laori Ruby No 04 is a non-alcoholic aperitif for sparkling summer flair. The finest citrus fruits such as pink Ruby grapefruit, orange and Sicilian lemon give Laori Ruby No 4 its natural and fresh taste. Gentian, quassia and thyme round off the variety of aromas. Perfect for mixing adult summer drinks after sunset.

Alcohol-free - vegan - low in calories - gluten-free.

Alcohol content: less than 0.5%

Shelf life: if opened, to be used within 8 weeks.

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