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Coffee and Chocolate Panettone - 750gr Artisanal Panettone

Olivieri 1882

The Coffee and Chocolate Panettone has a very intense and balanced flavour, where 100% Arabica Coffee embraces the dark chocolate. The structure of this artisanal panettone is extremely soft, and the flavour satisfies the most experimental and demanding palates. It’s completely free from preservatives, semi-finished products, flavourings and vegetable fats. Olivieri's baked goods are 100% artisan and therefore made entirely by hand, with passion, as tradition has dictated since 1882.

Olivieri 1882 is an Italian family bakery with over 120 years behind hot ovens. Their Panettone is rated among the top desserts in Italy, no small feat in a food-loving country.

 750 grams

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