100% Resin 30 grams



Resins can be thought of as the blood of trees. They ooze out in response to injury to the bark, healing these wounds and protecting them from possible infections and parasites. Resins repair, heal and protect. Hence, resin use has a long history in many civilizations in traditional medicine, rituals, and ceremonial practices. Ancient Egyptians, Native Americans, and a host of Eastern civilizations all recognized the benefits of resins for body and soul and frequently offered them to gods in rituals and ceremonies.‍

When burned, resins produce a strong and pleasant smell. It is believed that the smoke they emit is holy, clearing negative energies, connecting us with our higher consciousness and the spiritual realms, and surrounding us with higher vibrations. Resins are used to heal, balance, and protect our body and soul.

Benzoin resin emits a sweet, warm, uplifting scent reminiscent of vanilla, with earthy balsamic undertones. Benzoin is believed to drive away depression and induce a sense of euphoria. It is used to release emotional blockages, ward off stagnation, and promote focus and generosity. It is also believed to be a perfect ingredient in love magic, as it helps us to establish the balance between give and take. 

Myrrh resin emits an astringent, crisp, bitter, and highly aromatic smell with spicy-tart to earthy undertones.

Myrrh has a rich history and has been greatly valued since the distant past. In many ancient cultures, myrrh was equated with gold and was used to anoint kings. It was also used by ancient Egyptians as an embalming substance in the mummification process, and as incense during cremations and funerals to disguise foul odours. As a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and health, this sacred resin is believed to help remove negative energy and the illusions that stand in the way of truth, healing personal sorrows and enabling us to connect with the dead. It also cultivates wisdom and self-healing, helps to clarify thoughts and ward off egocentricity, calms irritation, and improves sleep.

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