La Charge 2021 Pet Nat

Alexis Hudon - Bourges, Loire

Alexis Hudon, originally from Quebec, started working as a sommelier and served wine for 10 years in two of the best natural wine bars in Paris. Hudon established his own cellar space in 2019 and purchased his first six hectares of vines in 2021, making him one of the youngest natural winemakers on the scene.

This bubbly wine is made of 60% Menu Pineau and 40% Chenin Blanc from 60-year-old vines in limestone soil. This is great for all occasions, including festive ones, due to the foamy bubbles upon opening. The bubbles settle on the palate leaving a clean melony and slightly caramelized finish.

Product of France
 - 12% abv - 750ml

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