Orbiculatum Incense Holder, Mandragorae Hortus | Hallesches Haus

Orbiculatum Incense Holder


This incense holder is handmade in Lithuania from premium Italian clay. It is as simple as two bowls joined at the bottom can be, but the simplicity of this form is captivating with its combination of vibrant colours. Whether you choose a bright colour or a more natural tone, you can burn incense in style and without mess. Pair the holder with a box of Mandragorae Hortus's natural incense sticks.

Mandragorae Hortus's products are made in Lithuania and center around the powerful Mandragorae, a human-shaped root that, according to legend, would scream when excavated, killing anyone aside from the powerful witches who could harness its properties. Mysticism aside, they believe that every natural ingredient has profound significance and can add something to our lives.

Diameter: 7,5 cm / Height: 5,5 cm

Net weight: approx. 125 g

This product is waterproof and oil-resistant.

Please note that the product may be susceptible to staining due to the ultra-matt surface.

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