Ping-pong Paddle


Supersmash found its roots back in the noughties, with the friendship of two guys playing ping-pong in the parks and bars of Berlin and Geneva. Since we both are graphic designers, we started to think how cool it would be to have paddles that actually look good, rather than are just functional. We also wanted them to be diverse so everyone to find a pattern that fits their style. With this in mind, we designed an intentionally ambivalent object, and let you decide whether Supersmash is a functional item or a decorative one. So, are you going to hit the ping-pong square or just display your racket next to your dog picture? 

Dazzle: Don’t get fooled by the warm pink colour. Dazzle, disenchant, and confuse your opponent by design. With its unbending stripes – mimicking an animalistic camouflage, Dazzle creates tricky illusions and obliterates all your opponents’ possible expectations of victory. Dazzle has been designed for the sharp player – be prepared to command considerable attention.

Dragonfly: The Dragonfly… constantly controlling the opportune approach, the deadly angle. Adapting amplitude and frequency at each move, twisting and changing its flight flow, ready to hit with surgical precision. Dragonfly is a silent killer, a ninja of the air – be prepared to command considerable attention.

Hofmann: Your opponent may think that you’re just casually playing… but the Hofmann distorts the reality of your hits. Its hypnotic swirls confuse and con any players into an alternate world. Hofmann will not only lead you to success – be also prepared to command considerable attention.

16Bit: Children of the 80ies, masters of Space Invaders, aficionados of arcades… Look no further! 16bits is memorabilia of a time when MTV was the sh** and a perm got you in clubs. With its sulphuric fluorescents and acidic yellow dashes, it’s only in motion that 16bits reveals its faculties to confuse opponents. Be prepared to command considerable attention.

 Huntsman: Ready to be rendered transparent against the green backdrop of a ping pong square, the Huntsman plays on the codes of hunting. Stay still, wait, wait for it, and boom, that one blow, the stroke that hits the bulls-eye. And the Huntsman is totally vegan, by the way. Be prepared to command considerable attention.

AS2AS2 is a collaboration with Swedish artist Andreas Samuelson. With his seemingly stripped-down graphics, he makes the complicated simple and the simple a little more complicated. “For me, sport and artistry are the same. In the same way that you move on a playing field with your opponents, you can create a composition with shapes and lines.”

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