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Trout with Miso and Ginger - Pirate Cannerie

Pirate Cannery

Pyrenean trout is cooked with white miso, ginger and a dash of rice vinegar. Perfect to make your own rice bowl at home.

Did you know that a third of the fish caught in the world do not reach our plates? Pirate Cannerie was born out of a dissatisfaction with waste in the fishing industry. Traditional canning methods ensure the entire fish is uses and the quality is fresh from the sea. Pirate Cannerie highlights local and artisanal fishing while making it accessible to those living further away from the source. With tasty new flavor additions, it also aims to make canning sexy again!

Tuna, sardines, mackerel and pout are only sourced between the Basque Country and Gironde. Octopus is sourced between Gironde and Brittany direct from fishermen.


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