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Ukiyo Japanese Rice Vodka

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Ukiyo means ‘floating world’ and symbolises living in the here and now. Ukiyo Rice Vodka is made from a harvest of long-grain Indica rice.  The rice is inoculated with black kōji, fermented, and then distilled into a traditional Japanese Awamori spirit. This Awamori rice spirit is redistilled into our pure rice spirit.  The result is a masterfully distilled traditional Japanese Rice Vodka.

Ukiyo Japanese Vodka is born from a base of rice and is small batch triple distilled in traditional pot stills.

In Japan rice is renowned for producing the purest spirit. Ukiyo Rice Vodka is exceptionally clean, smooth, and subtly sweet. Like Japanese shōchū or sake, our Rice Vodka is ideal for sipping or pairing with food.

Principal Notes - Soft, Sweet, Floral

Background Notes - Violet, Citrus

Made in Kagoshima, Japan

40% vol.


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