Welsch Reisling 2018, Vykoukal | Hallesches Haus

Welsch Reisling 2018 Vykoukal


Another delicious Welschriesling from Vykoukal's winery which is a great expression of the Austerlitz terroir. What's so typical for wines from this area? The soil here has a high amount of limestone and magnesium which give the wine a beautiful mineral character with almost salty and mildly bitter notes on the palate that intensify with further bottle ageing. This Welschriesling 2018 has a rich yellow colour (thanks to 48 hours of skin contact/fermentation on skins before pressing), it's bone dry, with floral and fruity aromatics. It exhibits floral notes of acacia, linden, and honey while the palate is well structured with just a pop of acidity, followed by nuanced flavours of citrus fruits and green apples.

Alc. 12,5% vol., 750ml,

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