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Wild Things 2022 Riesling

Soma Vines

On the 29th of September 2022, winemakers Daisy Merrick and Antoine Lucchesi picked the Riesling grapes from Weingut Achenbach in Neu Bamberg, Rheinhessen from 30+ year old vines on sandstone soil.

This wine has been bottled with some residual sugar (as fermentation was slow in 2022), so you may hear a small 'pop' when you open the bottle with some delicate effervescence tickling your tongue.

It has some great acidity and richness in the mouth from the barrel aging. Almost like brioche on the palate with some caramel notes, it is an interesting Riesling to discover. Drink now or age it longer in the bottle for 1 - 3 years to experience its full potential. 

**Even though this wine is in a sparkling wine bottle, it is a still wine.**

100% Riesling

750 ml - 12.5% abv 

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