Daily Menu

NEW MENU! served Wednesday to Sunday

Granola served with rosewater-poached apples, Greek yoghurt and fresh mint (V)
(VV) with coconut yoghurt + €1.5
Poached or scrambled eggs (V) / chickpea scramble (VV) with pickled red cabbage and rucola verda on sourdough or buttermilk biscuit
or with bagel + €1.5
Baby spinach and rocket salad with Beluga lentils, roasted cauliflower, pumpkin seeds, pico de gallo, greek feta and sweet mustard dressing (V, GF)
(VV) *swap feta with zesty mushrooms
EXTRAS: Take your pick from some awesome extras. Build your brunch to suit your diet, mood...or hangover
+ dill pickles €2.50
+ pico de gallo €2.50
+ pickled red cabbage €2.50
+ poached egg €1.50
+ bacon €3.00
+ sausage €3.00
+ Greek feta €3.00
+ smoked salmon €3.00
+ chilled pea mash €3.00
+ potato hash €3.00
+ beetroot hummus €3.00
+ zesty mushrooms €3.00
+ spiced cauliflower €3.00
HAUS PLATES: our recommended combinations
VEGAN €14.50
Sourdough bread with chickpea scramble, cauliflower, beetroot hummus and potato hash (VV)  
Buttermilk biscuit, scrambled eggs, pickled red cabbage, bacon, and pico de gallo  
Bagel, poached eggs, pickled red cabbage, red beet hummus, chilled pea mash and smoked salmon  
Sourdough bread, scrambled eggs, pickled red cabbage, bacon, sausages, pickles, zesty mushrooms and pico de gallo  
PASTRIES AND SWEETS: check the vitrine in our lunchroom for availability
carrot cake €4.00
banana bread (VV) €3.00
chocolate chip cookie (VV) €2.50
energy bar €3.00

Everything on the menu is handmade on-site! Aside from:

sourdough by Sironi Bakery

sausages and bacon by The Sausage Man Never Sleeps

bagels by Fine Bagels

With limited space available due to COVID-19 restrictions, we kindly ask laptop use be limited to weekdays only
in an effort to provide ample seating for our customers


GF: Gluten Free VV: Vegan V: Vegetarian

As 2020 comes to a close we are taking a much needed rest.

Our Lunchroom & General store will be closed until further notice.

The online store remains open - orders placed after 23rd December will be shipped on the 4th of January.

A big thank you to all our loyal customers who have supported us over the past months, our hard-working team & our suppliers.

Stay healthy, & we look forward to welcoming you back to Hallesches Haus in the next weeks.

✌️ ✨