Cashew nuts 1kg


- Without preservatives
- Free from preservatives
- Cashew quality: LP
- Aromatic taste
- Crunchy taste experience
- Snack them or use them as a topping

Cashews are the fruits of the cashew tree. They are considered to be one of the most popular nuts out there, but actually they are kernels, not nuts. Your cashews are harvest in Vietnam. After the cashew apple is removed from the "stem", the kernel gets out of the shell and you hold a cashew in your hand. With out buttery and soft cashews we are not compromising on quality: they are without preservatives, sugar, salt or oil.

Your cashews are LP breakages and are perfect for your muesli, bread and cake or to make your own granola. LP means large pieces, which refers to the broken cashews, which can fit through a sieve with the size of 4,75 mm. Due to weather conditions there can be dark edges around the cashews. This is not because of a quality defect but because the cashews are a natural product.

The cashews are ideal for further processing them. Our Cashews are a wonderful snack. Crunchy, super aromatic and very versatile. They are delicious pure, as an ingredient for your muesli, to bake with or as a base for your self made plant based milk. Those cashews are a real allrounder.

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