Dried Cranberries Sweetened With Concentrated Pineapple Juice


- Sweetened with pineapple juice
- No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
- Perfect as a snack

Our dried cranberries are sweetened with pineapple juice only. Cranberries are native in Asia, Europe and North America, where they have been cultivated for a long time. Fresh cranberries taste bitter and slightly sour. However, once dried, they lose their sourness and their taste gets sweeter. They are a great extra for your yoghurt or smoothie in the morning, to upgrade your baking creations or as alternative to raisins.

Our Cranberries are the perfect snack for in-between, taste delicious in your cereals or just pure. Combined with nuts, they supply a powerful energy boost and at the same time they taste simply delicious. We love the combination of cranberries and cashews. Are you getting curious too? Try both of them together!

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