Dried Orgainc Brooks Mango


- Unsulfured & free from preservatives
Pleasantly sweet by nature
Deliciously fruity
100% from organic cultivation

You like dried mangoes? Then you’ll love these mango of the Brooks variety. Extremely juicy, slightly sour and yet pleasantly sweet, it convinces every gourmet immediately.

The mango belongs to the sumac family and is botanically related to pistachios and cashew nuts. The mango originally comes from India and is mostly cultivated in the tropical rainforest. The dried mango comes from controlled organic cultivation and we deliberately refrain from using any other additives. Due to the gentle drying process, the taste remains naturally sweet, a treatment with sulphur is not necessary.

KoRo dried mango is an ideal power snack. Since it tastes wonderfully sweet and fruity, it quickly became the absolute favorite of our customers. It is also suitable to refine your muesli and also in salad it provides that certain exotic extra. Our tip: if you like the mango a little more tender, you can soak it for about 30 minutes.

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