Kaweco Skyline Sport


In 1911 the Kaweco Sport was created, a pen that still impresses with its extraordinary design. Since then it has become a true classic.

The ballpoint pen has a length of 10.5 cm and works with a high-quality heart-curve mechanism. Particularly precise and does not click when the push button is pressed.

The series is completed by a mechanical pencil with a 0.7 mm line width. Its high-quality and precise mechanism comes from Japan; ideal for sketching and drawing with a push mechanism meaning the refill is never dull. Perfect for travelling, as you never have to re-sharpen it. The wide barrel protects the lead from cracking.

Pencil: length - 11cm | weight - 12g | refills available here

Ball Pen: length - 10.5cm | weight - 12g | refills available here

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