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Le Tribute Gin

Wine Factory

A dry gin from Spain with a fruity-fresh citrus note. It not only convinces with its refreshing taste, but also with the outstanding design of the bottle.

700ml - 43.0% vol.

Le Tribute Gin from Spain - unexpectedly fresh and yet dry. The main ingredient is the juniper berries, which come from the Giro estate in the province of Teruel in northeastern Spain. This gin owes its natural freshness to the citrus aromas, which are created through the maceration of lemongrass, orange, lemon, grapefruit, kumquat, mandarin and lime. All other botanicals used are carefully handpicked and processed by hand.

The gin from Le Tribute is incomparable in quality and design and impressively contemporary. It pays homage to the pioneers, heritage and craftsmanship - full of character and soul, "Old but New" as the guiding principle, avant-garde and tradition form the basis for the development of this distinctive spirit, which was developed with a passion for innovation. Le Tribute embodies the unconditional love of Manuel Giro's family for distilling and the art of distilling.

A total of 7 different botanicals are used for this gin. The classic juniper taste is refined with lime, cardamom, kumquat and citrus aromas from mandarin, lemongrass and grapefruit.

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