Teas & Trees Honey 250ml

Teas & Trees

Perfect to pair with Teas & Trees tea, Cretan thyme honey is considered to be one of the best types of honey in Greece. This is mainly due to the high altitude of the beehives and the flora of the island, which is full of aromatic plants that grow in the wild climate of the island, like thyme. It contains all the secrets of the Cretan soil.

Cretan honey is rich in vitamins and amino acids and full of nutritious ingredients. Honey is an important part of the Cretan diet due to its health qualities.

Honey is also considered a symbol of health, purity and well-being. Honey is a central part of Cretan weddings – a gift of honey with walnuts is given to each of the guests as a symbol of fertility and well-being of the couple.

Cretan honey is used in baking instead of sugar by modern-day housewives and mouth-watering syrup sweets such as loukoumades, baklava, honey pies and other pastries.

The Cretan flowers which produce honey get their specific character through the unique climate of the island of Crete. Since Crete is one of the sunniest places in Europe, the endless summer and limited rainy days make the Cretan flowers almost waterless, rich in flavor and the resulting nectar is superb.

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