Self Watering Planter, LSA | Hallesches Haus

Balcony Self Watering Planter



Presenting a two-part self-watering glass planter, inspired by the stepped terraces of landscapes and the unique shapes of urban balconies. This contemporary design is crafted for indoor planting, featuring a lower reservoir section dedicated to water storage and an upper section for housing the soil and your chosen plants. These two components are ingeniously linked by a trailing cotton cord, which acts as the conduit for delivering water directly to the plant roots. This system relies on sub-irrigation and wicking, ensuring that the soil stays in contact with the water source. As the plant's roots absorb water, the wicking action replenishes the soil's moisture, maintaining a consistent level of hydration for your plants.

  • Mouth-blown clear and olive-green cased glass sections that slot together neatly
  • Contemporary design for indoor planting
  • Structural, offset shape
  • Suitable for plants, bulbs and herbs
  • 100% Glass

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