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Coloured Champagne Coupe, Combination Set of 2, Gossamer

Ufer Glassware

Introducing the Coloured Champagne Coupe by Ufer Glassware – where the art of sipping bubbles meets a vibrant burst of personality, making every toast exceptional.

In 2023 Hallesches Haus set out to create a collection of high-quality coloured glasses in fun jewel tones that could be mixed and matched by our customers to celebrate their own small moments. The result is Ufer Glassware, conceived on the banks of the Landwehr Canal right outside our doors in Berlin.

The coupe has a distinctly retro feeling: it was the most popular way to drink Champagne from the 18th century through the 1960s. But it's not only for sparkling wines – coupes are the perfect vessel for your favourite cocktails. Picture yourself sipping a gimlet or negroni in these exquisite stemware pieces. They would also work perfectly for rich, creamy desserts or parfaits. With a classic design and a spectrum of lively hues to choose from, these champagne coupes add a pop of color to your table.

Ufer's handmade coloured glasses are manufactured in Poland by a traditional glassworks with a rich history. The stemware is crafted from premium crystalline glass prized for its durability, transparency, resistance and clear tone when clinked for a toast. Together with the manufacturer, Ufer Glassware has developed a custom palette of lustrous colours that will be extended every season to keep the collection alive.

  • Hand-blown coloured glass
  • Made in Poland
  • φ11 x H17.2 cm
  • ca. 300 ml
  • Care: Hand wash in lukewarm water with a mild, liquid dishwashing detergent and soft sponge. Use a soft, clean lint-free cloth or microfibre towel for drying and polishing.


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