Foraging Wild Herbs Seed Collection, Piccolo | Hallesches Haus

Foraging Wild Herbs Seed Collection


Inside this collection, you'll find three exceptional seed packets:

  1. Bladder Campion: An enchanting addition to your balcony garden, Bladder Campion offers delicate white flowers and tender leaves. Its culinary versatility makes it a perfect choice for salads, garnishes, and more.

  2. Good-King-Henry: A regal herb that reigns over your balcony, Good-King-Henry boasts nutritious, spinach-like leaves with a unique, earthy flavor. Elevate your dishes with this exquisite herb, enhancing both taste and visual appeal.

  3. Vert de Montmagny Dandelion: Explore the world of wild flavors with this special dandelion variety. The Vert de Montmagny Dandelion's tender leaves are perfect for fresh salads, imparting a delightful touch of bitterness to your culinary creations.

Rest assured, our seeds are of the highest quality, and they are open-pollinated, non-hybrid, and GMO-free. This means you can cultivate your own herbs while maintaining the integrity of nature's design.

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