ODE Natural Aperitif


When life gives you lemons, rewrite the history of the aperitif.

STORY: Stefan Becker and Thorsten Konrad wanted to create a new, modern aperitif, far removed from the romance of Italian country inns - ODE. your first step? Lock yourself in for 2 full years and experiment with over 500 raw materials to elicit the perfect aroma from each one. They macerated all the bark, herbs, and fruits until the essences obtained perfectly captured the taste of the original ingredient. For their debut ODE Bright Lemon, Amalfi lemons, bergamot, cedar, peaches, thyme, artichoke, jasmine, and sea salt were used from this pool. Stefan and Thorsten also tasted a little wine during this time. Together with winemaker Nico Espenschied they finally developed a Riesling that is perfectly matched to their aperitif. Add a little organic beet sugar and the ODE Natural Aperitif Bright Lemon is ready - a citrus-heavy, bittersweet summer in bottles. Because you should also be able to see this from the outside, a sun-yellow wooden lemon is emblazoned on the stylish design bottle as a closure. Opening it also becomes a haptic experience.

TASTE: The citrus fruits are ubiquitous, summery, and sparkling, but are immediately captured by the wonderful notes of wine and herbs. With an incredibly fine balance of sweet and bitter flavors and that hint of sea salt, ODE Natural Aperitif Bright Lemon lingers on the tongue for minutes after the last sip - and makes you thirsty for more.

DRINK: ODE is the perfect base for a spritz cocktail with ice-cold Prosecco.

18,5 % Vol. | 0,5 L

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