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Pour Over Carafe


Florida, US-based Yield Design has the most elegant, yet accessible kitchen accessories on the market in our opinion. But not only that: high-quality materials mean they’re also built to last, to be used day after day. And to quote their manifesto directly: ‘Beauty, sustainability and ethical production are not at odds–they must all be considered to create something of true worth. Anything created at someone else’s expense is not beautiful and the manufacturing of disposable goods for short term benefit has robbed our natural resources for too long.’
We totally agree.

With the Pour-over Carafe you can brew clean, perfectly balanced pour over coffee for one, or to share. The borosilicate glass (yes, the kind they use in laboratories!) pitcher allows for easy handling and superior heat retention. Makes 1-6 cups of coffee at a time. Each carafe comes with a lid that helps keep coffee fresh for later (perfect for storing in the fridge for cold brew!). Even if you’re not a coffee-drinker, you can use it for tea, lemonade or water.
The Pour Over Carafe is compatible with conical filters, including Chemex, Hario (V02) paper filters, as well as metal paperless ones.

Borosilicate glass
12.7 x 25.4cm

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