Sal Tree & Agarwood Incense, Mandragorae Hortus | Hallesches Haus



The hand-rolled, extra thick sal tree resin and agarwood incense creates a uniquely profound ecclesiastical aroma with a woody accent and a hint of sweet anise for a deeply relaxing experience. Immerse yourself in deep mystical tranquillity by smudging each stick over several times, as our hand-made incense sticks emanate a strong, long-lasting scent.

Mandragorae Hortus's products are made in Lithuania and center around the powerful Mandragorae, a human-shaped root that, according to legend, would scream when excavated, killing anyone aside from the powerful witches who could harness its properties. Mysticism aside, they believe that every natural ingredient has profound significance and can add something to our lives.

This package contains 7 hand-rolled incense sticks.
Burning time: approx. 7 × 1.5 hours.
Store in a cool, dry place. 
Hand-rolled in Lithuania.

100% natural, cruelty free and made from plants. Plastic-free recyclable packages.

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