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Sun Bowl

Studio Arhoj

Introducing the delightful Sun Bowl, crafted with care. Each piece is lovingly hand-thrown using speckled stoneware and adorned with a captivating array of natural, playful, and earthy glazes.

Perfect for serving up a generous portion of your favorite morning granola, indulgent ice cream treats, or a delightful array of pick-n-mix candies. Its small foot ensures stability, keeping your bowl upright and your food securely nestled within


  • Photos are only indicative. Each item is 100% handmade and will differ slightly. 
    •  13.5 cm x 7.75 cm, holds +/- 600ml / 20 fl oz. to the brim
    • Dishwasher safe, but hand washing suggested
    • We have a selection of the Sun Bowl in different colours so please indicate a colour preference in the order note and we'll try to accommodate you otherwise we'll pick one at random for you.

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