Vulva Secco - Hallesches Haus

Vulva Secco

Hallesches Haus

(German sparkling wine with added carbonic acid (contains sulphites))
Origin: Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate
Content/Alcohol: 750 ml / 10 % vol.

Description: Slightly fruity, Cuveé from the Palatinate, Pleasant acidity, Summer Secco grape varieties: Riesling, Müller Thurgau, Kerner & Scheurebe from Rhineland-Palatinate

Grapes, sucrose, bottled under modified atmosphere, acidity regulators: Tartaric acid, lactic acid, preservatives and antioxidants: sulphites, L-ascorbic acid, stabilisers: metatartaric acid, citric acid


About the makers

We are Cecilia and Laura and we brought VULVA SECCO 2022 to life because we want to set an example. Our friend died of breast cancer at a very young age - an indescribable loss for us that had a deep impact on us. She had given Cecilia a vulva colouring book for Christmas and was a role model for us in feminist issues and discussions about equality. Out of our grief came the idea of wanting to create something to donate our profits to organisations that promote cancer research and support those affected.

This is how VULVA SECCO was born - a tribute to us women and especially to our friend.

(One euro is donated per bottle)

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