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Gemüse Bouillon 230g

Roots Radicals

Roots Radicals Vegetable Bouillon is a concentrated product made primarily from a diverse selection of vegetables, accounting for 73% of its composition. These vegetables are naturally preserved with sea salt, ensuring a nutritious and well-rounded flavor for your culinary creations. The Vegetable Bouillon offers a convenient solution for adding depth and taste to your dishes without requiring extensive cooking times.

To use the Vegetable Bouillon, the recommended ratio is 1 tablespoon of bouillon for every liter of water. This versatile ingredient can be used to cook vegetables, prepare stews, enhance the flavor of rice, and create delicious soups.

As a zero waste, circular economy food company, Roots Radicals prioritises sustainable practices. Their Vegetable Bouillon is made using 90% rescued vegetables.

Please note that the glass jar models may differ from the product photograph due to variations in size.

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